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The enterprise "LARTA 1" LTD was founded in 1997 on the basis of Rezekne Milking Equipment Plant and it is specialized in production of milking technique. The plant has almost a 50 - year experience in production of milking equipment as Rezekne Milking Equipment plant was a leading enterprise across the territory of ex-Soviet Union.

      The plant permanently improves the milking equipment structures, develops and makes up the equipment with the latest developments, thereby maintaining their technical level complying with the up - to - date world machine milking requirements.

      At request of buyers we carry on delivery of milking equipment, installation, adjustment, technical maintenance and personnel training.

      In order to carry on assembling of the delivered equipment and maintenance the enterprise has founded a dealer network in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Russia.

      The main parts and units of the equipment are unified thereby facilitating repair and maintenance thereof. Our production is highly evaluated both in European and Asian countries. We supply the milking equipment to the Baltic States, Russia, Byelorussia, Ukraine,  Germany, Hungary and other countries.

      All milking equipments are certified with Public Limited Liability Company "Sertifikacijas un testesanas centrs" /Certification and Testing Center/ and they have the Customs Union Certificate of Conformity.

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    Milking equipment manufacturing
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    Mechanical processing of metals by cutting
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    Plastic treatment
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    Painting, including powder painting